Trash or Treasure? Gleaning Material from a Generic School Closet, Part I

       I was excited to get into my new music room this week. I knew it had a large closet from my interview tour, even though I really didn't get to investigate it all that much. I knew that my position, a second music teacher, had been filled by a full-term substitute who wasn't a certified music teacher, but a preschool teacher. I knew she had only taught PreK-2 music. And it's all good! I had experience starting from scratch, with little to no music equipment. And I knew that the other music teacher in the building had taught 3-5, so she had the instruments and the piano. I was already primed to write grants, do Donors Choose, and to put my "Orff without instruments" and my Kodàly training to good use without relying on lots of money. However, when I saw the closet:

Actually, I wasn't terrified. There were "dumpsters on wheels" in the hall. The principal, however, was astounded at the non-musical things in the closet. (She is new to her position, too, by the way, or newish.) Tons of video equipment. At one time, the person who had that room did all the media classes. This, after all, is a STEM-focused magnet school on one complex. My room is pretty close to the middle school section, so it might have even been a middle school classroom at one time. There are multitudes of reading and math curricular materials for elementary and preschool, and a few music posters I wouldn't use. The principal said she would take responsibility for disposing of the old video equipment. I could roll the old TV cart into the hallway. Really, I was just excited to have SO...MUCH...STORAGE. 
As I got digging, I realized that my latest Kodàly training was going to really come into good use as I saw opportunities for manipulatives, visuals, and other goodies for my teaching. But, what, and how?

This is where you all get to come in! On my Facebook page, I have a contest going on that started yesterday (it's not too late😊) through Monday, July 21, 2019. Every day, I am going to post a picture of something I discovered in my closet. You get to vote on whether that item is "Trash" (meaning I would really not find a use for it in the music classroom and will either pass it on to a classroom teacher or put it in the dumpster) or "Treasure" (meaning I will repurpose it for music class).

On July 22, I will post Part II of this blog with some of the treasures I found and how I plan to use them. If you had voted "treasure" for something I kept, your name will be put in a drawing for one of the following free items of your choice: Name Games for the Music Classroom Bundle, Star Spangled Banner Unit Activities, or my upcoming bundle based on sports-themed rhythm color pages, which will include this. IF you find a treasure in something that I considered trash, and can describe how you would use it either on my FB page or here, you will automatically win a product of your choice! With the ideas shared about treasures and the possibility of winning some TPT products to get your music class started off this year, you can't go wrong.

So, what are you waiting for? What did I find? For a sneak peak, check the FB page.

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