Saturday, July 11, 2015

Title Contest!

As the trend goes away from Common Core in education, I'm thinking that the name of this page, my store, and my blog needs to be changed. As I revamp my store and blog to better reflect many aspects of elementary general music, I'm having trouble coming up with a nifty, catchy title. I used to have a website called "Music Education Madness" years ago, but I had to let that go when I started my PhD, so it is no longer available. So, here's the heat......I'm going to hold a contest to see who comes up with the niftiest title. Through July 31, send me a private message with a title that you think would best fit my store and blog, and you will receive $50 worth of my merchandise on TpT free. The prize doesn't even have to be cashed in right away as I add more stuff to my store. So, to help you out:
I am an elementary music teacher, Orff certified, who teaches in Washington, MO, a Missouri River town near St. Louis. I teach K-6. I am almost finished (I HOPE) with my PhD in music education through the University of Kansas. (Right now, I'm in the in-between stages of getting set up for my dissertation).
I am a big advocate of the following: Orff-Schulwerk, cross-curricular or interdisciplinary activities, child-focused learning, movement, and recognition of music education as a core subject WITHOUT the "normal" means of assessing. We are a unique bunch and our discipline needs to be recognized as unique. And I love puppies, kitties, and chocolate smile emoticon
So, the contest is on! Thank you to everyone who participates. The winner will be announced on August 1.